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Emira interim results December 2018

Emira interim results December 2018

Revenue grew to R878.6 million (R855.4 million) and operating profit decreased to R514.3 million (R519.4 million).

Profit attributable to Emira shareholders decreased to R500.1 million (R529.2 million). In addition, headline earnings per share rose to 103.11 cents per share (86.25 cents per share ).

Dividend distribution declaration
The board has approved, and notice is hereby given that an interim gross dividend of 72.86 cents per share has been declared (Dec 2017: 70.65 cents), payable to the registered shareholders of Emira on Friday, 8 March 2019.

Company prospects
Emira’s rebalancing and diversification strategies, which are well underway, will continue to counter the effects of the challenging local economic conditions and political uncertainties which continue to impede local growth. Factoring in the current and expected market conditions for the year ahead, vacancy profiles and expected rental reversions, as well as anticipated opportunities, shareholders can expect a similar growth rate in distributions for the next six-month period. This forecast is the responsibility of the directors of Emira, and, has not been reviewed or reported on by Emira’s external auditors.

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