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About Us

Emira is a diversified real estate investment trust (“REIT”) company, with a property portfolio of predominantly South African assets, and a growing component of offshore assets. The Company listed on the JSE in November 2003, in the real estate investment trusts sector. In line with its strategic objectives, Emira’s property portfolio spans multiple sectors, namely office, retail and industrial, with a new element of residential.

The Company is focused on growing the quality and value of its property portfolio, in order to sustain and enhance its distribution growth to shareholders.

This is achieved via selective acquisitions and disposals, as well as refurbishments, upgrades and the redevelopment of specific properties. To this end, all investment decisions are reinforced by Emira’s stringent investment criteria to enhance yields and improve the performance of the portfolio.


As at March 2023 Emira had a total of 94 properties with a total asset value of R12,1 billion, a market capitalization of R5,3 billion, and paid a dividend of 96,78 cents per share (nine months ended 31 March 2023).


To grow earnings from a balanced and high quality property portfolio


To deliver long-term value to our shareholders and stakeholders


RESPONSIBILITY:  We hold ourselves responsible and accountable to our stakeholders for our actions

HONESTY:  We are truthful

FAIRNESS:  We treat all our stakeholders equitably

RESPECT:  We acknowledge and respect the rights and dignity of others



In a more troubled, changing world, “the Emira way” embodies how we choose to do business — with honesty, transparency and mutual respect. By consistently applying mutual respect in everything that we do, it guides the manner of our dealings with colleagues, shareholders, tenants, communities, investment partners, property managers and other stakeholders.

With an open-door policy in place, the executive team stays informed and in touch, while fostering a working environment that encourages employee empowerment and interaction, equal participation and the free flow of ideas. The Emira way is at the heart of all dealings with our local and offshore co-investment partners — who were all carefully selected not just for their expertise, but for the high business morals and principles we have in common. In light of the recent failures of good corporate governance, it has become increasingly important to associate with people and companies of high moral standing to protect the future of the corporate world as well as society at large.

For us, doing business the Emira way may sometimes take a little longer, but ultimately getting there will not be at the expense of our integrity and good reputation.

To assist with the country’s socio-economic transformation, Emira supports B-BBEE initiatives that facilitate the meaningful participation of black people in the mainstream economy.

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