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Remotely on the Rise

They may seem “dead and desolate” to the seasoned cosmopolitan but the Northern Cape and the Free State are rich in natural resources and arable land. Both provinces boast thriving agricultural and mining industries, which bodes well for property development opportunities.

As the largest and most sparsely populated province in South Africa, the Northern Cape is home to the famous diamond mines around its capital Kimberley, as well as its sheep farming and abundant tourism hot spots, including the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Augrabies Falls, the Great Karoo and the Namaqualand area known for its beautiful daisies.

Often referred to as South Africa’s bread basket, the Free State is one of the country’s agricultural hubs, producing more than 70% of the country’s grain. The Free State is also home to a wealth of mineral deposits, specifically gold and diamonds.

Development on the rise

In recent years, property and infrastructure development has garnered attention in both provinces, with a specific focus on renewable energy development in the Northern Cape, and housing and retail construction in the Free State…

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