Emira final results June 2015

Revenue for the year jumped to R1.8 billion (R1.5 billion). Operating profit grew to R1.1 billion (R0.9 billion). profit for the year attributable to equity holders shot up to R1.9 billion (R1.2 billion). In addition, headline earnings per participatory interest rose to 181.82 cents participatory interest (150.11 participatory interest).

Income distribution declaration
Notice is hereby given that a final gross cash distribution of 69,62 cents (2014: 63,87 cents) per participatory interest has been declared, payable to the registered shareholders of Emira on 14 September 2015.

The benefit of improved occupancies, together with the property acquisitions and ongoing tight cost control, should result in real growth in core distributions per share.

Together with the impact of the change in policy regarding lease commissions detailed below, shareholders can expect a similar healthy improvement in dividends for the 12 months to June 2016.

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